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    render log didn’t delete empty file “file name” because it was larger than expected. (26  ::  170)

    digxdsn Level 1

      I'm having render fail problems in AE. This is what the log says  didn’t delete empty file “comp.mov” because it was larger than expected. (26  ::  170). I am using AE 9.0 using Zackworks 3d to revamp a animation I did years ago, going from SD 720 to HD1080. I'm thinking it may be a ram problem. I only have 2GB in my Macbook Pro 2.6 ghz duo 2 core. but I would hate to get more ram if it's another problem. I don't usually render on my laptop but that is the only computer I have that has Zackworks on it. ( I don't do very much freelance anymore because I work for broadcast design company but this was a good client so I'm helping him out)


      Any help would be great, thanks!