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    Ghost tab stops in ID cs4 that won't delete

    Really Randy Level 1


      In the above screen shot you can see that I have some "ghost" tabs that I cannot get rid of. If I drag them off the ruler, they come right back immediately. If I drag them over, they duplicate.

      I can select the first line of my document and the grey ones go away. I can delete those. When I insert the cursor on the second line in the "x's", I can delete those as well. The ghost ones turn black when I insert the cursor on the second line indent but I still ca't delete them. I've tried selecting all and "clear all" from the right side tab bar menu to no avail.

      I'd really like to just wipe out all tab stops and start over. I have about 100 of these documents in different configurations. That's why it's such a pain.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction?