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    Help creating an array

    Miss Caroline

      I'm new to Life Cycle Designer and need help with the following script:


      txtComments.rawValue = Page1.Com1.rawValue + "\n" + Page1.Com2.rawValue + "\n" + Page1.Com3.rawValue;


      What I'd really like to do is create an array/function that concatenates the fields titled Com* if there is data in these fields on page 1 of my form and display the data in the txtComments field on page 3 of my form. If there is no data, I do not want "null" to display for that field. The final form may have 60+ Com fields... It would be awful to have to hand code each of these. All this is triggered by a specific radio button selection.


      I hope someone can help me. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!