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    How to revert to last saved version in Indesign CS4?


      Urgent help needed. I accidentally pressed "save" in my Indesign CS4 file after deleting most of the pages. I can't undo right away and the revert is always in grey after I restarted Indesign or the whole computer. Is there a way that I can revert to my last saved state of the file? Can I force revert or put scripting to make this happen? Also, I have saved a pdf before but set to not too high-quality though. Is there a way to convert it into the live text layout in Indesign?


      I have an urgent deadline for this job. It will take me a long time to recreate all the changes again. Please help asap!

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          Harbs. Level 6

          No. Scripting can't recover any better than the UI. If you closed the doc after hitting saved, you are pretty much out of luck unless you have some kind of backup system in place (Crashplan? Time Machine?).


          If you did not close, you can undo back to before your current save -- all the way back to the point where you opened the doc.




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