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    Images not displaying in safari

    jerela Level 1

      I have a flex 3 app that runs fine in firefox, chrome and IE, but in safari all the images are displaying as broken image icons.  The images also don't display in the browser on my android.   Has anyone seen this before? Know of a solution?


      The problem was wound while testing a new version that was just deployed to test, but also occurs in prod which hasn't changed in a year and a half.  I don't know if the problem just started or had been there all along, but nobody reported it.  The images do display fine in safari on my dev machine however.  Images also display fine on the servers in safari in an associated admin app.


      I've looked at the image urls via firebug in firefox and they look correct, and if I paste them directly into safari it has no problem displaying them.   Upgrading to flashplayer 11 didn't help either.


      The test site is at http://enview.troyweblab.com/avemaria/ if you want to see what's going on.


      So much for browser independance.

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          jerela Level 1

          Ok finally figured it out.  Nothing to do with images at all. The imagePath was set in the app, but even though the default that was set to was the correct path it was being overridden by a flashvar.  And each of the 3 loaders in the wrapper were setting it differently.  The one for when you didn't have the right flash version wasn't setting it at all.  The one for when you had the right flash version was setting it correctly, and the noscript version was setting it incorrectly.


          It was the noscript version that was running for safari even though javascript was enabled.