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    InDesignServer CS5.5 swf and indd workflow




      I'm building a simple WYSIWYG editor for InDesign templates with limited editorial functionalities (font size, font color, text alignment etc.). I was thinking about a Flex application as a front-end (as I know that InDesignServer can export *.indd templates as SWFs that could be easly uploaded at runtime). My question is what should happen next? I don't see a possibility to import back the edited SWFs to InDesignServer for PDF or XML export. Does it mean that in order to achive this functionality I would have to develop a custom parser of SWFs with the ability to save them as zipped IDML files that could be imported by InDesignServer?


      I'm actually inspired with this demo:


      But I don't have a clue how they achived it, can someone point me to the right direction?