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    Flash player


      Attempting to upgrade to newest flash player.  I'm on AOL and use windows XP.  During the download, I receive an error message telling me to make sure that I "am connected to the internet".


      I am.  What gives?


      I did uninstall an earlier version of flash player but that did nothing,


      A suggestion to disable my anti-virus was made but I'm not sure how to do that and then re-install it.


      A lttle help, please?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi phubaijoe,


          Can you please provide a screenshot of the error dialog?

          What is your internet connection type (dsl, cable, etc) and download speed?


          Thank you.




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            phubaijoe Level 1



            I don't know what a screenshot is.  Weekly, it seems that Adobe sends  me a

            notice suggesting updating.  It is then (while on line) that I try to 

            upgrade.  A small box appears stating "An error has occurred while  downloading

            the installer.  Please make sure you are connected to the  internet and try



            I am on time warner cable, but i don't know what my download speed  is.





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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi Joe,


              The information you provided is helpful.  This is the auto-update mechanism, which appears to be timing out during the download.


              You indicate that you are using AOL, however, Adobe no longer supports Flash Player on AOL browser (refer to Flash Player 11 tech specs).  You can either use a supported browser, and install the latest Flash Player 11, or use Flash Player, which contains the latest security updates included in the Flash Player 11 release. 


              If you do not have Flash Player, you can download it directly from here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/889580.

              Before installing, it is recommend to first uninstall the currently installed version, and then install the latet 10.3 version.

              The uninstaller is posted here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html.


              Adobe will continue to release security updates for Flash Player 10.3 for a specific time frame.  When new versions are available, visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer to install the latest release.  Due to the implementation of the auto-update mechanism, if a version lower than the most current version (in this case FP is installed, the update notification will display, until the latest version is installed.  To disable the update notification, follow the instructions posted here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/713/a7138026.html.




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                Hi Joe


                Best not to try to go higher than Smash Plug-in version - even with that I get jerky playback which is, I presume, all about the damned thing trying to talk to Adobe HQ even when off-line. Quite why there isn't someone else we can use rather than Adobe ... I ain't going to use 11. The security issues with 10 are bad enough.


                My sister's machine is no longer supported by Adobe (where do they get the right to do that ?)


                If you can use anything else then do so