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    Random movement + draggable?

    Natalie Butler Level 1

      And once again, here's another question from me, haha. I'm developing an interactive game, and I'm encountering quite a few hiccups because of my inexperience with Lingo and my lack of Director resources.


      So, let's say a sprite has both the Random Movement and Rotation and the Draggable behaviors attached to it.


      When I drag the sprite as it's randomly moving, it drags properly. But when I drop it, it jumps to the location that the Random Movement and Rotation behavior would have it at when it updates, as if the behavior has been calculating and moving the sprite's location in the background as I am dragging it. I want to be able to drag the sprite while it's randomly moving, drop it in place, and have the random movement behavior start again at its new location.


      How would I go about changing the original code to do this?


      Thanks so much for any help you can provide. I really, truly appreciate it - you have no idea.