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    Difference between Presenter and Captivate?


      Forgive me if this is published elsewhere and I've just not seen it, but are Presenter and Captivate actually competitors within Adobe?  I use Captivate a lot and just learned of Presenter.  Aside from the connection Presenter has to PowerPoint, is there any other advantage it has over Captivate?  Would I ever need both?



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The line between Captivate and Presenter is PowerPoint. If you have content built in, or will be building content in PowerPoint, Presenter has better integration with PPT. If you need a presentation to do more than PPT, then Captivate is the answer.


          Honestly, you can do everything in Captivate, but I prefer not to bring PPT content into Captivate, due to the loss of control over the content. Captivate has improved significantly over the years with it's ability to let you modify and update PPT content that has been imported, but you still end up with things that don't work or look right. If we really need the object to have the functionality of PPT and Captivate, I'll just build the project entirely in Captivate, as it can build slides that are comparable to PPT slides.


          The only time I think you would need both, is if you have PPT content that you want to leverage the utility of Presenter, and you plan on doing software simulations (or something else in Captivate),

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