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    Video in Presenter 7

      I have talking head video in presenter panel and need to know how to sync an animated "line per line"
      slide. My video clip in presenter panel is about 2 mins long and I know the timing of when the bullet point lines of text need to happen < about every 25 seconds >. If I have a single slide with 5 lines of text < set to come up 1 at a time on mouse clicks> how do I adjust the timing of each line to happen so they are in sync with speaker talking head?
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          catholicon Level 1
          Currently there is no way to synchronize videos with animations as is possible with audio.

          You might like to distribute the content of your slides over multiple slides to have an effect of animation. Morever, set 'advance by user' option for each slide, so that the slides just don't keep on playing automatically.

          Once you have things on multiple slides, you can put THV according to the content of the slide.
          To do that you would have to split your flv file into multiple parts (if you have Presenter 6).
          On the other hand, in Presenter 7 you can just add the same file on each slide and then adjust the time in Video Effects. BTW, if you choose this route the published content would be bigger than required. But, there is a manual post-publish work-around to handle that. You can open up <publish path>/data/viewer.xml in some text editor. Locate the flv file reference for THV on each slide. Change the url of these THV to be same (say to be same as that on slide1). Then go to the published resource folder and remove the flv files which are no longer being refered to from viewer.xml.