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    AVI to AVCHD convert


      Hello All,


      I would like to use Elements to convert very large AVI clips to the smaller AVCHD clips.  But I don't want to do them one at a time.  Is there a way to mantain the clips and save all the AVI clips to AVCHD clips with elements?





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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as I know, no version of Premiere will export AVCHD


          There are, of course, many export codecs you MAY use... but what is your ultimate aim for those files?


          Playback only or edit?

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Version 10 will indeed output AVCHD.


            But are your AVIs standard definition video? If so, there's no point in outputting them as AVCHD. AVCHD is hi-def -- so you'll not only be producing a file about the same size as your AVI -- but it will also be overrezzed to hi-def and will look awful.


            In version 10, you can also Share/Computer/AVCHD to output standard def AVC files. Essentially MP4s.


            There are, in fact, a number of ways to output MP4s from Premiere Elements, producing various sizes of files at various quality levels.


            What do you plan to do with the AVC file you're outputting? That will determine which of the Share options you should choose.

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              VDOSurfer Level 3

              Do you want to export all of the AVI files to a single AVCHD file? Or do you want each of them to be a separate AVCHD? Premiere Elements does not support batch export (if that is what you meant). But you can export to AVCHD in terms of the codec used and the bitrate used. But it will be different from what the camera creates (folder structure, 5.1 audio etc.)


              Let us know.

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                sman_73 Level 1

                @VDOSurfer and Steve


                Yes the AVI files from my old DV cam are very larger and I want to keep each AVI file seperate when the are converted over so I can edit them later.  I have several DV tapes that I need to download to the HD and store, but being the size they are, it will be hard to store them all.


                Do you have any recommendations on what could convert the seperate AVI files over to H.264 sperate files?



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Yes. But as I've said, H.264/AVC/MP4 files come in a huge range of quality levels and file sizes.


                  What do you plan to do with the file? Display it online? Create a disc? Show it on a computer?Watch it on an iPad/iPod/iPhone? Use it as source video in an editing project? Once you know what you plan to do with it, it's much easier to know which output method and quality setting to use.


                  Though remember, AVIs are standard definition. If you output standard def video as 1920x1080 high-def -- even as an AVCHD file -- it's not going to look very good since you're over-rezzing the video.

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    DV files are (virtually) uncompressed and run around 11GB per hour. It sounds as if your aim is to reduce the file size. No matter how you do this you will be reducing quality - dramatically if converted to HD as PRE will have to add pixels to stretch your 720x480 source (or 720x576 in PAL land) to 1920x1080.


                    i.e. your starting footage is 345,600 (actually 307,200 non square pixels) pixels but you want 2,073,600 pixels. All those extra pixels (1,766,400 of them) have to come from somewhere so PRE 'makes them up' from the ones it knows about and give you a cr*p result.


                    If your file space is restricted and you must compress them, your best format to will be with the MPEG format (what you see on a normal DVD). This is available in the Share tab.


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                      Aniks Level 2

                      There is no automated export feature available in PRE like Batch export in PPro, but you can export them one by one manually.

                      I would opt for MPEG format if I were you.

                      And simple way to do it is to import your file in a new project matching your clip setting and export to MPEG.

                      Keep repeating this with all your clips one by one and you are done.


                      Good Luck,


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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        If you are going to re-edit the SD AVI files, you will loose a good bit of quality, if you use a heavily-compressed CODEC, like H.264. Then, when re-edited, if you Export/Share to any compressed CODEC, the qualtiy will suffer again.


                        You will be better off, if you use a lossless CODEC, but know that you will not be reducing the files' sizes by much. I would keep the AVI's, and just pick up an external HDD to store them. Either Lagarith, or UT Lossless would be good candidates and both are free.


                        For more info on intermediate, lossless files, see this ARTICLE.


                        Good luck,



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          In PrE, there is not batch Export/Share, but many conversion programs all one to batch process. That would be the way that I would go.



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                            nealeh Level 5

                            Before I moved to PRE I was using "Magix Movies on DVD'". I kept it installed for a few nice features that PRE doesn't have:


                            1. Batch Processing
                            2. Saving each object as a single clip (i.e. I use its splitter tool to make multiple scenes - I can then save each scene (losslessly if to same format) to a separate file. This saves me all the hassle of using PRE one segment at a time with the Work Area Bar (so tedious !).




                            The version I use was v7, bundled with the Magix Rescue you Videotapes v1. It has some nice features - including several from their Audio Cleaning Lab product (an amazingly cheap but essential product for cleaning audio tracks for your projects).


                            There are a shedload of other conversion programs around. For example I have the following installed:

                            [EDIT: writing this post has shown I have way too many , so I've stopped at  the letter 'F', I must check'em all and remove ones I no longer use ].


                            • Aimersoft Video Converter Pro
                            • Aiseesoft Total Video Converter
                            • Any Video Converter
                            • ConvertVID
                            • Corel Video Studio Pro
                            • Digiarty Winx HD Video Converter
                            • Easy Videosplitter
                            • Free HD Converter


                            etc.. etc... etc...


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                              Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                              For the record, you can export to 720x480 AVCHD in Premiere Elements 10.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                If you were going to re-edit the output file, in a later Project, would you not choose another CODEC for the intermediate files, beyond AVCHD?


                                Unless I misunderstood, the OP indicated that they did want to later edit the output files in another Project, and for me, that would be the "chencher," to not use a highly-compressed CODEC for those intermediate files.


                                Maybe I make too big a deal regarding quality, and multiple compression steps?



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                                  Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                                  Hi Hunt,


                                  I have no disagreement about not transcoding DV to some other format. I personally would not recode DV-AVI as that would cause loss of the timecode and date/time information that's encoded on DV. It would also degrade the video a small amount. What I do is burn the DV-AVI as data to DVDs. I'm considering burning them as data to Blu-ray discs, that way I won't have to split large DV-AVI files. Usually I capture DV as scenes, so the video is already segmented. In Premiere Elements, you can smart render DV video. With a large file, you can set the work area bar to cover 4GB sections of the timeline at a time and share the section to DV-AVI with no loss. Then each of those segments can be burned to a DVD. Usually my tapes are only partially recorded, so I might have just 2 DVD discs per DV tape.



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    Thanks for that clarification. I now completely understand.