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    email marketing question


      I have a proposal from a potential client who wants an e-card done in flash (yea simple). But this e-card has to have a personalized greeting done. Looking at there recent e-card, each person has their own name in the greeting. How would this be done? Not even sure I know where to start with this. This will also be linked from an email component, but that's another discussion. Just want to know if anyone has any experience and how difficult it is? Is this PHP and not ActionScript?

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          Peter Celuch Level 4

          it depends what sort of ecard you have in mind.


          1) send the ecard via email, just some picture and text attached, you can achieve that with php only

          2) generate more complex graphics drag&drop, position and resize graphic elements and then send as email, than I would recommend flash app for editing and php script to upload final picture to server and send the email

          3) send simple card via email with generic graphics and link to a website with animated content and personalized message (flash, php, database)


          difficulty increases from top of the list to the bottom, 3 being the most complex

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