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    Need advice on converting H.264 DSLR footage to another format for editing and Warp Stabilizing

    msp1518 Level 1

      Okay, gang. I'm wondering how to make my life easier.


      We shot a ton of footage over the weekend using a Canon 5D MK2 (1080p30) and also a Sony Z5 HD camcorder (1080i). The problem is, trying to edit two formats in Premiere Pro.


      AND a bigger problem is much of the footage needs a run through with AE 5.5's Warp Stabilizer. Long story.


      Despite my state of the art i7 I am finding it is taking way too long to run through Warp Stabilizer. It's agonizing.


      I'm reading that I should convert my footage to another codec, but I see so many options that I'm just confused about it all. MJPEG has been recommendedto me, but I'm confused by how it works and if I can even support it.


      My system has Adobe CS5 Production Premium and I have a trial version of AE5.5. I really cannot afford at this moment to buy any other software. Sorry, I'm busted.


      What can you all advise me? Perhaps I need to edit as is with all the shakey footage and then when I have my final cut, stabilize what needs? That might be a pain in the neck since we'll be using a lot of dissolves.


      Since my Sony Z5 shot footage is all 1080i should I look into something like Squared 5 MPEG Streamclip video convertor to do a batch conversion to 1080p? If so, to which codec or format for editing with my DSLR footage.


      Again, apologies for asking. I absolutely have been reading up on this and spending a great deal of time trying to figure it all out myself, but I'm stumped.