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    I am not sure if scripting is what I need


      Hello everyone,


      Please forgive me for the inexperienced questions. I will try to make this as clear and concise as possible.



      We have a form at work (8pages) that I have redesigned in word and then made a fillable form in PDF. I am wanting to add some features to this to really make it an asset to the company and the customer. I have spent the majority of today's work day looking through forums and trying to find the answers. Several posts have hinted at things that I am hoping to accomplish but none of them were exact.


      • At the top of the form I am wanting a Text box/ballon/etc. open up when the customer opens the PDF.
      • The box will have about 8 lines of information that explains how to use the form and then I would like for it to have an "OK" button at the end that when clicked makes the box disappear. (and not print)
      • I also am wanting to add in a "Help" button at the top header of every section that when clicked/moused over has a text box pop up that has some basic FAQ's for that section.
      • If this is accomplished by a click of the mouse then an "OK" button to make it disappear, if this is a mouse over action then no click button needed. (I would not  want any of these help buttons to print out)


      I am unsure on how to accomplish this, I am working with Adobe Acrobat X Pro. I have tried making text boxes that are visible and then you click them to make them go away - works somewhat but when you click it to "Hide form field" the box is then no longer visible again unless you go into editing mode, making it usable on once (sure that I am missing something simple).


      In my limited experience I am unsure if I need to make all the "Help" information be located in a separate file and make the "Help" buttons link to the FAQ's that are set up for their section in that file. Or wether I can make what I would call "Pop-up" windows that would be mouse overs.


      I have zero java scripting experience but if that is the true way to make this happen in an elegant and functional way then I have the ability and most importantly the desire to take classes.


      Any and all thoughts are appreciated, I am working to learn more everyday but I can't afford to waste to much time on this as I need to have it ready within 3-4 weeks (end of November) to be sent to clients.


      I am hoping to really blow away the owner of the company with this and in turn have him invest in adobe suite for myself and to pay for me to obtain certified in adobe and take classes on the company budget.


      Thanks in advance for any and all help,thoughts, and advice