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    Page up and page down = pages go off centre

    luca del carlo Level 1

      A very basic question: when flipping through the pages of a book I've laid out, it would be nice if using the page up or down keys moved to the next page and centred them. Instead, however, the pages are moved knocked out of centre each time. How to get around this?


      This happens at all sizings except for 100%. The page size is closest at 127% to the actual physical printed page. There should be a way to set this as the defaul page size. At 127% the up and down keys result in the page dancing bout the screen going off centre both horizontally and vertically. At 100% the centreing is fine verticallz as you flip through the pages, but depending on whether its an odd or even page, the pages will still jump around horizontally. I'm working in spreads.


      Thank you.