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    PHP removed from Flash Builder Premium


      I have been with Flex since version 2 and am a huge Flash/Flex and PHP developer and love the builder. I have customized my own Eclpise as well but love the Flash Builder as well. What I am concerned about this is now that I have Flash Builder 4.5 Premium, its missing PHP now. It appears I now have to buy another Flash Builder just to use PHP which is especially odd since PHP has modules for Eclipse that also appear to be disabled/removed from being installed into my new Flash Builder 4.5.


      Am I doing something wrong or am I now having to buy ANOTHER builder just for what should be considerd a plugin?




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          ShannonODonnell Level 1

          I do not  understand your question.   PHP as a server type is still available in Flash Builder 4.5.1 just as it has always been. 


          What makes you think it's missing?

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            dayjobtitus Level 1

            I used to be able to develop php code in the builder just like you can in

            eclipse or dreamweaver but now you cannot and can only do it in a simple

            text editor. It's a free plugin but it's not able to be installed in the

            new flash Builder 4+.

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              ShannonODonnell Level 1

              Ah...I haven't noticed that.   I installed Flash Builder as part of  CS 5.5 Master Collection so I edit all of my PHP using DreamWeaver.  That is...from within FB I click a PHP script and it automatically launches in DreamWeaver.


              I really like that.


              But yeah, I could see where you might not like that your familiar PHP editor was removed.  


              This is just a guess but it could be that it was removed because Zend sells a branded (their brand) of Fash Builder called Flash Builder for PHP.  That version of FB, which I'm told has been known to break the licenses of your other Adobe Suite products when installing on the same PC, comes with a PHP edtior called Zend Studio (I think...you can find out more at www.zend.com).  But you have to purchase a license, think it's an annual subscription, to Zend Studio for something like $350.  


              For our shop, it was more cost effective to purchase the Master Collection license and use DreamWeaver.  There was nothing PHP specific that Zend's version could do that we couldn't do with Adobe's own, unmodified version of Flash Builder.

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                dayjobtitus Level 1

                An awesome understanding and response.


                I also can just click on it and launch dreamweaver but i liked having 1

                place for all like i am used to in eclipse. Plus this requires extra

                licenses on each machine I am synced with.


                My frustration is that they purposely disabled an ability so they can sell

                a custom version of the php builder.