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    If statement problem

    david567890 Level 1

      What I am trying to do is compare 2 variables and depending on the result, multiply a third variable by a constant. Heres the code:


                     var a:String=String (OCC.text)

                     var b:String=String (DCC.text)

                     var c:Number=Number (ATBC.text)


                     if (a == "GM" || "gm"{


                          if (b == "AU" || "au"){


                               var ae:Number=Number (c*0.95)

                               CA.text = String(ae)




                          else if (b == "NZ" || "nz"){


                               var af:Number=Number (c*1.12)


                               CA.text = String(af)



      The problem is that when b = NZ, c is still multiplied by 0.95, not 1.12


      I am new to programming so any help is much appreciated.