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    Can't start Flash Pro CS5.5


      I purchased the CS5.5 Production Premium Suite.


      Eveything works fine except Flash CS 5.5. The icon has a white circle with a line through it and if I try to start it it says:


      You can’t open the application “Adobe Flash CS5.5.app” because it’s not supported on this type of Mac.


      I have a Core i7 iMac with 8gb ram and a Radeon 5750 with 1gb of vram running 10.6.8


      Can that not be enough to run Flash?



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          azmilt Level 1

          Well I got it to work, totally by accident. I called support and was told to delete Flash and download a fresh trial version and I could put in my suite serial number. Which I did, but it didn't accept the Production Premium serial number so that was a no go. When I deleted the original install I just had dragged it to the trash, but didn't empty the trash. The new version wouldn't work so I was apparently out of luck. After aborting the install of the trial, for some reason I opened the trash to verify what was in there before deleting. Amazingly, the white circle with a line through it (universal no go symbol) was gone from the Flash app icon! But it was in the trash. So what the hey I dragged it BACK to the applications folder. Lo and behold it works now, why I don't know. All I did was drag it to the trash and back. Anyhow, just an explanation in case anyone else runs into this strange phenomenon.