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    ePub ordering and content

    matthew stuart Level 2

      Hi all, I have created an ePub and when viewed contents are appearing out of order, and even on the wrong page.


      I have created articles in the panel and added the content to numerous different articles. I've ordered the content within each article in accordance to the way I want them to display, and I have also excluded other content by not including it in the articles panel. When I export, the content doesn't match the order in the articles panel, and in some instances, I am getting content from one article appear in other articles, even though I have specified otherwise in the articles panel. The content I don't want included appears at the end of each article it relates to!


      The only way I can get an export to work is to actually ensure I link text boxes in the order that I want them displayed, and delete other content that I don't want to include!


      Why is it doing this?


      I'm using CS5.5 on a Mac and viewing in Sigil, Adobe Digital Editions and on an iPad.