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    Export xml blob data to Excel

    satyasuppu Level 1

      Hi ,



        I need help in exporting data into excel file .


      I am storing the data from UI in xml format in blob file in Database.Now i need to export this xml data into excel file using application.Please help me how can we  export data into excel file.Please help me.



      Thanks in advance.


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          MSPMarathon Level 1

          If you have a webpage built in Flex you can write the information into a .CSV or another format readable by excel into a file on your server, then open a window to navigate to that page in order for the user to be able to download the file.  If you have a desktop Air application you can write the file to the computer somewhere and do the same thing.

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            satyasuppu Level 1



            Thanks for your reply.


            Its web application.Used flex for UI. In UI i have Export and Export ALL values in combo.If i select Export, it should read the xml clob data and show that data in Exce or csv..This is the functionality.

            I need to read the xml_clob inside the database and put each item in excel. The columns in excel should be each of the xml elements e.g.











            How to  read and put tis data into the CSv or excel?Please provide me some sample code if possible.That would be greatful.



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              MSPMarathon Level 1

              loop through and read all records into a string with whatever format you need CSV(Comma Separated Values) is easy because you just have to add a comma between each value in the record and i believe its just a newline character to go to the next value.  Something like this(below) once you have built your string:


              var fr:FileReference = new FileReference();// reference to where you want to save the file.

              var csv:String = 'The String you have created in CSV format';

              var ba:ByteArray = new ByteArray();

              ba.writeMultiByte(csv, 'utf-8');



              Then you can open that file in your browser to download it.