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    After Effects struggles even though I have 12GB ram

    sikkant Level 1



      I am new to AE CS5, been learning over the last few weeks. I upgraded to a new computer i7 hex core processor, 12GB (4x3GB DDR RAM), NVidia GTX470 Graphics Card and plenty of HDD storage. However I still notice that my AE struggles with general tasks. I assumed this would have had something to do with the multiprocessor settings that I needed to adjust, so I read several articles and adjusted those settings to the ones I felt were optimal. However, it still isnt' running as smoothly as I would hope. Premiere Pro on the other hand runs faster than Notepad but that must be purely cause it is a less memory intensive software....


      Is there any help you can give me regarding this topic? I do have a number of Red Giant plugins installed....and I am generally not creating projects with 12000 particles on Form (which I would expect it to be rather slow at processing), I am using standard HDV footage and just adding some effects and compositing on top of it.


      If this is a stupid question, I apologise, I have done a lot of reading and it has been hard for me to find a straight up answer. Appreciate your help!