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    Memory-Leak in communication of Acrobat-Flash and JS

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      The situation is as follows:

      I have a Flash-SWF (in which I have programmed a GUI)

      I have a 3D-Annotation containing an annotation-script with some functions that can be called from the GUI.


      So far so good.

      The SWF is added as overlay to a 3D-Annotation. The SWF contains some AS3-Functions, among them an enterframe-event, that keeps repeating an external-interface call to a function in the 3D Annotation-script. It works so far.


      When I tested for performance however I noticed that there is a memory-leak under these conditions. I tested my setup, and noticed the memory-useage increase by about 1 MB every 3 seconds. To further test this I stripped about everything from both the swfs Actionscript  and the annotation-JavaScript. Still the memory-useage of process "acrobat.exe*32" gradually climbs by 7-10 MB per minute. The memory-useage of "A3DUtility.exe" remains constant. Deactivating the annotation will decrease the memory-useage by a certain amount (though not to the initial value upon opening the file and starting the annotation) , but upon re-activating it immediately jumps back to the value assumed last before deactivating it. From that last value the increase starts again as well. I could observe this behaviour both in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, Acrobat X and ReaderX.


      It seems something is wrong with the ExternalInterface-Object.