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    RoboHelp 9.0.1 took 10 minutes to open

    Kevin Elmore Level 1

      Our group finally applied the 9.0.1 update. When I first opened RH, it took about 10 minutes before it comes up. One of our other developers said that it took her 3 minutes to open hers, but when I went over to check, she was able to bring it up right away. Then I went to mine and opened it; it opened right away. I can't say what went on with her machine, but I can say that mine started opening right away after I had opened up a project. Before then, it was just slow to open, hanging on the splash screen for so long that I had thought it froze up.


      I had the intention of telling our IT department that it might be a corrupted install. Now that it's opening just fine, I'm not sure what to tell them. I guess I'll tell them that the install works fine, but I want to check the community to see if this has happened to others or if I should be concerned about anything.