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    How do I import markers?


      I make very crude rough-cut backup by exporing to multiplexed DVD-MPEG2 files, and at the same time I tell Premiere/Media Encoder to export the master speech track and Sequence markers. All goes well, and I end up with an .mpg file and an .xmp file.


      My issue is: how can I get Premiere to read this .xmp file and load all the markers back into my sequence? What I want is, in the event of a catastrophic system failure, to be able to load the .mpg file, have all the sequence marks appear, and then contiue editing.


      The Seqence Markers are used only to record a few characters of text.


      Thank you

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I don't think Premiere Pro can do this.  The exported markers are generally used for import into Encore to make the DVD.

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            legs2sag Level 1

            Thank you. But would I need to convert the markers to Encore markers first, or will Encore accept sequence markers?


            I've tried a workaround where I import my exported media into a new sequence in the original project, delete the original media, substituting it with the new. I can then just save the project file with a new name...


            This sort of works, except that the original was HDV where as my export is SD, so there is a mismatch in resolution/size. I can see no way to change the original project to SD...


            I think my mind is still working in Sony Vegas-land, so I'm getting confused.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Not sure about that markers question.  I don't generally use them.  My guess would be yes, though.