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    Using Robohelp 7 over Citrix


      I have seen a few threads about using a Citrix server, but haven't actually this question answered, so here it is. 


      We have plans to use all of our applications over a Citrix server as remote users.  The powers that be want to install Robohelp on the Citrix server instead of on our hard drives.  We would log into the server and pull it from there to work and update, then publish from there.  My understanding was that it needed to be on the hard drive, then it could be published to whereever it needed to be published to.   Will it work if it's not actually on the machine, but on a remote server? 


      We are using Robohelp 7 HTML and we have one very large project (almost 8000 topic pages) and 2 smaller ones.  The published project is accessed over network drives and we do use RoboSource Control 3 Explorer.   I don't have more details about the Citrix server that we will be using, just trying to get a feel for this to see if it's even possible to make it work this way.