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    Fireworks CS5.1 will not run for a specific user.


      I am in the IT dept. of my organization and we have Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 installed on many systems.  On one particular system, we installed the CS5.5 Web Premium suite and when the end user (who is not an administrator on their workstation) started to use it, she found that Fireworks CS5.1 will not load.  When she clicks on it to launch it, it starts to load, then she gets the spinning beachball and the application stops responding.


      I created a local (non-AD) account on her machine with admin privileges, and when she logs into it, Fireworks immediately loads and works properly.


      Our security rules do not allow users to operate as administrators on their workstations.  So my question is - what can I do to get Fireworks to load and run properly for a standard user account?


      Interestingly, all other CS5.5 apps seem to work just fine for her.


      Bob Reed