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    Licensing and HTML Editor for Large No of Content Providers


      Hi All


      Currently evaluating RH (paln to use XHTML editor for source and targets will be WebHelp, hopefully with RH Server and export to Word for manual). We have a suite of 17 apps and will use a master project and child projects for each app. Got that all setup and my master pages, etc. Export to word looks pretty good.


      I have about 20 content providers (no dedicated documentation resources), so I need a way for them to contribute styled content. I really don't want them using Word as it's too easy for them to stray from the supplied styles (we have that problem now for our Word docs). I'm keeping the style pretty simple (Para Styles: ChapterHead, H1-4 and Normal. Char Styles: MenuOption and Note, One OL and one UL. I'm sure I'll add a few more.) So I need to find a way for content authors to contribute and edit. (from what I've read, the PDF review will work well for review cycles. Seems my options are:


      • RH: I'm assuming that if I want them to use RH editor they all need a copy of RH @ $1,000 a seat, so that's out of the question.
      • Adobe Contribute may be an option: any using it with RH? IF so, how well does it integrate?


      • It seems my best option (to get the project approved and off the ground--read "low startup cost") is a simple free WYSIWYG HTML editor. I can supply everyone the CSS and a template, and they can create clean HTML. Anyone got any recommendations?
      • Other choices? Looking for suggestions


      Any comments/suggestions on the above plan?