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    Display windows when merging Microsoft html projects with Windows Help Files projects.


      Hi I am using RoboHelp 9 to create Master Microsoft html project.  I have some old Windows Help Files (HLP) projects I would like to added to my master as children.  Using RoboHelp 9 for Windows, I can open then old HLP projects and compile then in to chm files, then add the chm files to the master.  I would like to change the window type of the hlp projects to either "WebHelp Pro" or "HTML Help" so that they will match the master project.  Is there a way to do this?  I tried to open the old hlp projects with RoboHelp 9 HTML but I get an error saying "The specified help file could not be opened.  Ensure that this help file is not running and try again"



      While using RoboHelp for Window to manage the old hlp type project, I tried setting the Primary Layout to Microsoft HTML before creating a new window.  But the new window was not a "HTML Help" type window.