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    applying a mask to a custom IconItemrenderer icon




      I've made a subclass of IconItemRenderer in order to change the label and icon positions. I've done it without problems but i want to apply a png mask to the icon. I´m doing it with this code:


      override protected function commitProperties():void






                                    var imagenMascara:Class;

                                    var imgObj:Bitmap= new imagenMascara() as Bitmap;

        imgObj.bitmapData = imgObj.bitmapData.clone();

      iconDisplay.mask = imgObj as DisplayObject;





      and also I tried this:

      override protected function commitProperties():void





        var square:Sprite = new Sprite();


                                    square.graphics.drawRect(0, 0, 40, 40);


                                    iconDisplay.mask = square;




      The app always shows the image I'm assining to the mask propierty instead of the image assigned to the iconField with the mask applied. If I remove this code I can see the iconField Image. It means that all the rest runs fine.


      Wich could be the problem?


      Thanks in advance.