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    Failed to find result file in !SSL!\FlashHelp

      I am a relatively new user to Robohelp and have been assigned to create our company's help file. I have been told to make it a Flash Help file and have been working on it for a few weeks now. I am having an issue trying to Generate the Primary Layout so I can view the progress so far.

      When I click on the button to Generate the Primary Layout the box pops up and processes only 3 messages:

      Starting Compilation
      Clearing Output Folder
      Starting Compilation

      At this point the View Result button appears and when I press it I get an error message stating

      Failed to find result file C:\...\!SSL!\FlashHelp\agsclerk.htm

      Where AGSClerk is the name of the folder where my project resides. There is nothing in the !SSL!\FlashHelp folder.

      In the past I found that this error was due to the RoboHELP.dot template not being active but I resaved the Word file after making the template active and restarted RoboHelp but this did not resolve the issue, the error message returns. I did save some updates this morning without making the template active but once I realized this while saving I made the template active again and resaved and figured it would work but it hasn't.

      So it appears that I need the .htm file in the !SSL!\FlashHelp folder recreated. How can this be accomplished? I do not want to lose the many hours I have put into this project so far. What can be done?