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    Re-linking assets causes ID CS5 to crash

    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Original settings:

      inDesign file

      links   (folder with grayscale files)

      links4C (folder with color images)

      Files in both folders have exactly the same name.


      We were publishing in grayscale then we decided to package the files with color images for another purpose.

      It seems that the quikest way would be to rename the folders so that InDesign would be tricked and relink to the color images.

      So we call the folder links with the new name linksOLD and the folder links4C with the name links   (the original name of the grayscale images).

      Our files average 70 pages and contain an average of 300 graphics in eps and tiff format.


      Technically this should work and did work in CS4. However, when the InDesign file opens and we click on relink, it relinks the files in color and CRASHES!


      No matter on which computer we try it. It still crashes.


      Since we have hundred of file to do that way, it is very important that the problem be solved.