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    Issue streaming video

    Gazzieh Level 1

      I have a series of videos I wish to upload onto my site and have running. However, I am meeting two issues.


      I am using Flash Pro CS5.5 and AS3. I am using the SkinUnderAll.swf skin so that I can offer full screen potential. All videos are FLV and I am using FlashVars to define each video.


      When I load up the page I can see the video and skin, I can see the file 'loading' and then at a single point the loading marker jumps to the end. When I play the file it plays for a short while and then stops. The point of stopping seems to correspond with the point at which the marker jumps. Why? Is F$V better for this function?


      Secondly, I cannot get the Full Screen button to work! I am using the HTML5 embed command and so have allowFullScreen="true" within the embed command. I am assuming that there is no AS set within the skin but what to do now?


      The FLV files play fine locally through Adobe Media Player.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          retest using the html published by flash to see if your issues are caused by your html.


          if that doesn't solve all your problems, post your url and the remaining issue(s).

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            Gazzieh Level 1

            Yeah, I think I must be too tired. The Flash HTML worked fine. I then reduced everything down to the minimum to check that worked. Once I had confirmed all of that I then compared the object settings to my embed command and found that there was no allowFullScreen parameter set?!


            I am sure I did but maybe I have now spent too long on this and need to go out for the evening.


            I'll let you know if this worked for the hesitant playing but either way, thank you so much.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you're welcome.