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    Can't open Captivate file!

    terrimaguire1 Level 1

      Oh my gosh!  You won't believe it!  I made all kinds of cool changes, but now I can't open the file.  HELP! I have a back-up of the file, but not with the cool changes.  Here is the error I get when I try to open it:


      Adobe Captivate could not open "the file name". Ensure that:

      - The file is not open already (it isn't)

      - The file is not damaged.  For example, if the file was an email attachment (it wasn't), ensure that you have decoded the file correctly.

      - The hard disk has sufficient available space. (probably does, it opened before)

      - The system has sufficient resources.  To optimize the resources, close all the other open applications (I have)


      What now?  I'd hate to think that the last 8 hours of work has been wasted.  Thanks for any suggestions you might have.