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    How to display toolltip for a disabled button




      I am trying to display a tooltip for a disabled button (actually a mx  CheckBox which inherits a mx Button). I have a custom icon on this button which actually is a UI component. I set this icon up using rhe 'icon' style for the button. I am trying to add a tooltip to this icon.


      The issue is that the button itself is disabled and hence the icon is also disabled. So the following obvious approaches dont seem to work:


      - set tooTip property on the icon itself (icon is a UIComponent) - wouldnt work because the icon is disabled. It does not seem to work even if I enable just the icon if the button is selected

      - creating a custom tooltip using ToolTipManager.createTooltip() and trying to display it on mouse-over. The disabled button or icon does not seem to dispatch the mouse-over.


      Would really appreciate any pointers for this.


      Thanks in advance