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    There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader, If it is running, please exit and try again. (103:103)

    jay_24 Community Member

      Hi, we just are in the process of upgrading our Adobe Acrobat / Reader to version 10.1.1 and a number of users have started to report either a gray screen when displaying a pdf in the browser or the following error.


      There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat / Reader. If it is running, please exit and try again. (103:103).


      27102011_113212 AM.jpg


      I have tried uncheck Enable Protected Mode at startup and have also tried unchecking Allow fast web view and All speculative downloading in the background.


      We are running Windows XP SP3 and IE7 with Adobe Reader 10.1.1 and some of the workstations just have Adobe Acrobat 10.1.1 installed with the same problem.


      We have also found that hitting F5 when they get the gray screen will sometimes display the pdf in the browser.


      Everything works fine in Adobe Reader 9.4.6, this only shows up with 10.1.1 version.


      Is there anything else I can try?