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    Published for iOS, sound plays but no screen.

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      I have completed a new game that runs great on Android - created using Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Professional. I got all our Apple stuff out of the way and then also compiled for iOS. Then I deployed to my son's iPod Touch 5 via TestFlightApp.com. He installed and ran and we get the sound but no screen. I'd really like to finish debugging and then deploy this app for both droid and iOS at the same time (in the next few days). Can someone tell me why the SWF's that are the UI of the app are playing sound but not showing up on screen? How can I fix this problem?


      BTW, please forgive the fact that the site is under dev (will be completed and polished before go live), but you can get some idea of what the game is about at our web site: headshotgame.com.




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          Looks like I may have figured it out. Appears that making SWF's and adding them in as assets in FB is not exactly all there is to it. I looked at my publish settings in Flash Pro and found that they were for Flash 10.x. I noticed that there's an Air for Android (runs fine being published as Flash 10.x though) AND there's an Air for iOS publish setting. So, it looks like I just need to publish the SWF's for both platforms and create two FB projects - one droid and one iOS.


          I do have a suggestion for Adobe though (assuming what I try next works and the problem really is not some obscure issue), when in test mode and if possible, it would be best if instead of playing the SWF on screen if FB could error and tell you that the SWF is not formatted properly. Just a suggestion. However, Flex and its associated tools is awesome! Thanks so much for making Flex a write once, deploy anywhere framework!

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            I have confirmed that the problem was in fact that I know nothing about Flash Pro and SWF's and all that (I'm a java developer but have learend Flex and AS 3 lately). When I published in Flash Pro as SWF for Air on iOS, all is good when I run the bigger app...


            The only problem with this is I have a ton of SWF's to compile, plus the main app, and this is not a fast process. But it works! Super cool!

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              Ooops, spoke too soon...


              After we recompiled all our FLA's to SWF's and added them as assets to our Flash Builder project, it did not work again (SWF sound plays but no graphics display). So, we went back to the earlier test solution and it did not work  either?!?


              Finally, we compiled using the quick compile selection of Flash Builder. The intro screen showed up all the sudden! But, none of the buttons work and you can't navigate to any other of the screens. Sadly, this is not answered and I don't know whether this belongs in the Flash Builder or the Flex forum as I don't know what is causing the problem.


              All of this works perfectly on Android. Same code on iOS does not work. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm testing on an iPod touch with iOS5?


              I have people waiting to test this app and help me get it live but I can't seem to get it to run on iOS. Please let me know if I can provide any other info to help you help me.




              A summary of our problem:

              • We have multiple SWF's that are compiled in Flash Pro that make up a larger mobile app that we built in Flash Builder.
              • We add the Flash Pro SWF's to Flash Builder as assets of the project and use the Navigator to move between them with event listeners bubbling up from the buttons that are in the SWF's.
              • There are many SWF's - most screens have multiple SWF's on them.
              • All of this works very well on Android.
              • The same project compiled for iOS creates an IPA file but when the IPA file is deployed to the device, none of the screens show up but the sound plays.
              • There is only one way to get a (the first) screen to show on the device which is to set Flash Builder packaging method to "fast". Yet, getting the screen to show is useless as it won't allow you to navigate (and the SWF behaves differently in other ways compared to Android).
              • I am testing on iPod and will recruit other iOS device users to test as well. The iPod I am testing on is an iPod touch with iOS 5.
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                Any help? I'm twiddling my thumbs on proceeding with my debugging (the app has been fully debugged on Android and I thought was ready for release until I tried to compile for iOS too). Anyone? Adobe? Can someone tell me if it's just my device or is there some work around I need to do or does no one know?