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    CS4 textframe problem


      I have been using CS4 Indesign for a long time but suddenly have trouble creating text boxes in new documents.  I create a page with a background layer.  Lock it.  Open a new layer for text, draw a new frame on top of the locked layer, put the Text cursor in the box and the minute I type the cursor disappears and the text overload square appears in the new text frame.  If I type in the frame anyway and expand it to find the text, it never appears no matter how big I make the frame.   At this point when I try to place the text cursor in the frame it just turns into an I-beam without the parentheses.  I can create text frames just fine in older documents that I open and revise and I can create text in CS2 InD and then open that doc. in CS4 InD and continue to work on it there.  Too weird.   I tried uninstalling InD alone and reinstalling and nothing changed.  I have CS4 6.0.6.  What to do?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Does the background have text wrap applied?

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            fergusmom Level 1

            No it doesn't.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Please post a sample page someplace and put a link here.

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                fergusmom Level 1

                I did some more work on the text-wrap issue and I think the problem is solved.  I looked at preferences for "Composition" and unchecked the only  "text-wrap" checked box "Skip by Leading" and made sure the text wrap window was inactive.  Since then it works like it should.  When I close InDesign and reopen it and begin new page, the Skip by Leading box is re-checked but it continues to work properly.  Even if I don't lock the background layer I can now add a text box on a new layer and create text in it.  However, in all cases the text on the bottom layer wraps around the new text box, even if the bottom layer is locked.  Is this the default setting?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  No, it isn't. It sounds as if text wrap is being applied to all new objects. With nothing selected, open the thext wrap panel and make sure it is set to no wrap to reset for the current doc. Verify that it is set to no wrap with nothing open to set the default for new documents. Unfortunately, any already incorrectly applied wraps need to be removed manually by selecting the objects.  Skip by leading should have no effect, but "Text Wrap Only Affects Text Beneath" would. That is off by default, and makes ID more versatile. For situations where you have an object that needs wrap, but you also need to have other text that does not wrap, you can set "Ignore Text Wrap" in the text frame options. This allows you to keep text at the top level of your document to minimize interaction with transparency.

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                    fergusmom Level 1

                    Thank you so much, Peter.  My problem is solved and I have a much better understanding of text and wrap options affecting it.