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    [JS] Export jpg from each page with specified number from database

    Rainer Klute



      I imported a database into InDesign (CS 5 with OS X 10.7.2), so that every product and product number is on a different page in InDesign. Now I need to export each page to a jpg-file. The name of the jpg should be "productnumber.jpg".


      I found the script „PDFExportCropper.jsxbin“, which does what I want but creates pdf-files instead of jpgs.Thereafter, I can convert the pdfs to jpgs automatically with Photoshop.


      But: The script takes hours and hours to create the pdf-files: Right now, more than 8 hours for only 100 pdf-files. The database has 65.000 products!


      Any idea to improve the workflow? Any other script available which I did not find but does what I need?




      As a designer, I have no experiences at all in scripting.


      Thanks for answering!


      Best regards



      from Germany