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    Sorry, it's not obvious to me yet

    Nikon D90 Gent II

      With CS 5.5 open and launched:


      I want to be able to render a file with AME and do something else on the PC at the same time.


      The problem I have is that like CS 3.2 (which is the other version on my machine), rendering a file still appears to tie down my computer as I can't:


      a) Minimalize CS 5.5's screen;

      b) Of course exit the program as it still running!

      c) Do anything else.


      I though AME was a stand alone program.


      What big thing am I missing here?



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          ExactImage Level 3

          I'm a little confused.  I've always been able to continue using my computer, while minimizing AME, or even just opening another program over the top.   Yes, AME will use as much CPU as it can, but then I've always wanted faster encoding.....


          What do you mean by 'CS5.5 open'?   What program from the CS5.5 suite are we talking about?  


          So, what happens when you try to minimze AME?


          What else do you have open?


          How are you getting media 'in' to AME ?


          It sounds more like you are rendering directly out of Premiere Pro and not queuing in to AME.  Instead if clicking 'export', click 'Queue' instead.  It may take a few moments for PP to transfer the info to AME, but once AME is launched you can close PP and continue with life

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            Nikon D90 Gent II Level 1

            Thanks for the solution!


            Yes, I was exporting straight out of AME in CS 5.5 and was unaware of the queue function.


            That was the tip of the day in my ediitng life.


            Does the speed of the rendering decrease if you do other tasks while it's  processing?


            Since I don't have CUDA, rendering is a lengthy and slow process already and I don't want to make it even slower.


            Hopefully the I7-2600 processor can multi-task.

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              ExactImage Level 3

              When ever anything uses as much CPU power as rendering does, other tasks are not going to be as snappy as they would be if AME were not running.   In the same way, if you start doing lots of other things, AME may not be able to run as fast.


              AME is marginally slower than exporting from PP directly, and for short sequences the extra start up time makes it not worth using AME.  Also, AME can't use CUDA, so when you finally get a CUDA card (which I recommend) you'll find a massive difference in speed (PP being much faster when using CUDA).


              The i7 2600 is good at multi tasking


              BTW - if you were hoping to export to AME then continue editing whie AME is exporting in the background, that's not a realistic prospect. AME tends to pause if you continue editing other sequences in order to free up CPU time for editing.  If you want to queue multiple output files then queue them all prior to setting AME running, then go make some coffee, browse the web, have some sleep

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                Nikon D90 Gent II Level 1



                My vote is for more sleep.


                I spent too much time looking at the LED screen already every day!


                The problem with getting CUDA is that the HP machine I bought this past spring only has a 300 watt ( or so ) power supply.


                That hurdle needs to be cleared first and I'm told HP can make parts whose size is supposively"non-standard"!


                I'm not a techie so that path needs to be travelled sooner than latter.


                Thanks agin for you contribution and suggestions.