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    Keeping a Comment in Generated Output?

    JaredHess Level 1

      So, the way our localization process is currently setup, we generate a chm file from RH, then decompile the chm to get all the .htms etc and then we send the dcompiled info to the translators. I'm looking for a way to include author comments for our translators into the source and then have those comments show up in the final output but not show up visible to our customers. Any suggestions on how to do this?


      I've tried creating a conditional build tags called "TranslationInstructions".


      But something like this in the source...


      <?rh-cbt_start condition="TranslationInstructions" ?><p class="BodyText">Test

      instructions for the translator.</p><?rh-cbt_end ?>


      ...shows up as this in the output:

      <p class="BodyText">Test

      instructions for the translator.</p>


      That doesn't help because it pulls out the conditoinal idendifying bits.


      I also tried doing a standard HTML comment, like this:


      <!-- Translation Instructions: Make sure the info below is blah blah blah -->


      But this is excluded completely from the generated output.


      Any other ideas? Is there a way to define a custom tag that gets passed through to the output but that isn't recognized and displayed in a browser (help viewer)?