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    Workspace Save and Offline Buttons

    sdrpr1 Level 1

      The "Complete" button shows on all of our Workspace forms. The "Save" and "Offline" buttons only show on some of our forms. Does anyone know how to control these? We would like the "Complete" and "Save" buttons to show on all forms.





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          Diana Densmore Level 3

          Hi Rich

          The Offline button appears on a form if your xdp/pdf form has the Process Fields on it.

          The Process Fields are in the "Custom" tab in Designer.

          You can manually add these to a form or they are added in the Form Wizard if you choose the option to submit a form via email.

          The purpose of the Offline button is to allow users to complete tasks via email.


          The Save button appears depending on the form type and form data variable.

          For example, Save will appear for xdp and pdf forms. It will not appear for Acrobat forms.

          The other factor is the form variable type. If you use a variable of type xml you will see the button.

          If you use a variable of type document, you will not see the Save button.


          This Help section may also help to explain the Complete button in more detail:




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            sdrpr1 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply. I have been out of the office. I have some forms that do show the save and offline buttons, and some that don't. All have the process fields and all are of the same form type and the data variable for all is document. That doesn't seem to jive with your answer. Any other ideas?

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              Robert Haché Level 2

              I have different forms where the Offline button displays and some where the Save button displays.  However my forms are behaving as expected, as Diana mentioned.  Some of my forms are native PDFs (Acroforms) where the Save button does not display and some of my XFA based forms (XDP) display the Offline button because they have the process fieds. 


              Maybe double check your forms for the process fields and/or the variable type.  I'm not questioning your assertion that all of your forms have the same variable type and include the process fields but there must be something else that is differentiating the forms that display the buttons versus the forms that do not.



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                ditto9888 Level 1

                Just want to confirm:


                so I have a form that's PDF (not XDP) and I use Document data type, because I have been told that in order for forms with Digital Signatures to work properly, we will need to use those parameters.


                Does this mean that Forms with Digital Signatures cannot be saved into Draft?