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    adl quits unexpectedly - while debugging AIR app in Flash Builder 4.5


      the crash scenario:


           - i'm debugging an AIR app, things are running fine

           - my app is a media rotator and i've set it up to load in images, videos, sounds, and swfs (all good no problems there)

           - the original was built for AIR 2.6 and used the old halo components

            - however, now that i've done the conversions, targeted all spark and mx, and also setup my new AIR 3 SDK (following these instructions http://jeffwinder.blogspot.com/2011/09/installing-adobe-air-3-sdk-in-flash.html)

             when I go from loading a BitmapImage to loading a VideoDisplay element, the adl debugger simply crashes w/ 'adl quit unexpectedly' msg and a massive crash report.

           - it never did this in AIR 2.6 and Flex 4.0 SDK

           - i can load videos in sequence no problem, but the error only occurs when going from bitmap to video.


      Any ideas? It's frustrating because after the crash there's not even an error message in the Console.


      Also, is this really the best practice Adobe approved way of targeting AIR 3?



      Mike Delucchi