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    PDF not generating completely.  Malformed topics?

    izotope_help Level 1


        I've recently had an issue where my PDF generates and is cut off about 1/3 of the way through.  The html is still generating without a problem.


      Some errors I'm getting are:


      Warning: The Word Document became corrupt when attempting to append following malformed topics:

      This is the first error I get and the first page it lists is also the first that is not appearing in the PDF. 


      Som other unique ones are:


      Warning: The Word Document became corrupt when attempting to append a malformed topic: 'Meters_Spectrum.htm'

      Missing topic '!SSL!\Printed_Documentation\!doc_tmp_folder_2\'.

      Failed to process 'Meter Options'...

      Fatal Error: Word Document got corrupt. Abort building 'Options'.

      Failed to build 'Options'...

      Failed to build 'Options'...


      I've tried the Style Mapping trick.  Linking Images.  And generating individual documents.  All with no luck.  I could go back to a backed up version that was working and try again and hope it doesn't happen again.  The only thing I did today different than any other was add a style to the documents CSS and change a lot of image properties (just added screen tips and margins).  No other idea what I could have done to cause this...


      If anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it.



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Have you looked at Print Issues on my site? If not, start there.


          Otherwise try generating a Word document instead. Deselect PDF and just go to Word. If that does not help, create two copies of the print layout and delete opposite halves of the topics in each layout. Likely one will work and one will fail. Keep doing that until you identify what is causing the problem.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            Hey, I fixed this problem awhile ago but had no time to get back here.  Wanted to post the problem/solution just for the sake of science for any other sap like me who has the problem.  For some reason this line of code was causing the issue:

            <p style="mso-comment-continuation: 1;"></p>


            It was only on one page.  Removing it fixed the problem and inserting it on other pages caused the pdf to cut off at that point.  Not sure why.  Copied a lot of text from a word doc and it brought a lot of unnecessary style information with it.... Won't do that again!

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              Priti Nishi



              izotopebrett:  Your comment helped me resolve this error for my robohelp project. In my case though, instead of one <p style="mso-comment-continuation: 1;"></p> tag, the error was due to many mso tags in the topic files. This again was due to direct copy-paste from a Word document.

              Note to self: don't be lazy, always reimport and ensure the styles are mapped correctly!

              I was able to resolve this issue because I did a generic search for 'mso' in my HTML files.