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    Audio Clipping in Presenter 7.0.7


      I am having a problem with the first half of a second of audio getting clipped at the start of some words in the audio of my published Presenter presentations.  I am using Presenter version 7.0.7 and PowerPoint 2010. I noticed that this problem should have been addressed in 7.0.5 but I appear to still be having it.  The behavior is the same as a documentated in the release notes of earlier versions, that is,that the clipping occurs the first time you play the slide, but if you listen to it a second time the audio sounds fine.


      Is this audio clipping problem still occuring in v. 7.0.7, or is something else going on here?

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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



          The issue is somewhat not clear. Could you please elaborate on this or share your presentation.

          You could also share the steps to reproduce it.

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            JanPeak Level 1

            I am using a 2011 MacBook Pro in PC mode running Windows 7 home edition, 64 bit, 4 Gig of RAM and Adobe Presenter 7.07 build 7746 installed in PowerPoint 2010.


            Today I completed these steps to recreate the problem:

            1. I opened an existing slide deck with no audio recordings.

            2. I went to the Presenter tab and used the record button to add recordings to each of the 17 slides in the file.

            3. I used the Edit button remove small portions of the audio such as extra silence.

            4. I used the PPT animation tools to add animated appearances of bullets.

            5. I used sync to set the animations with the audio.

            6. I published in Presenter, opting see the output after completion using the setting of near CD quality for audio.


            On slide 8 there is clipping of the audio about half through the audio for that slide.  In the audio I've recorded I say "Generally about $30 per day", and this is what I hear when I listen inside of Presenter in Edit or Sync modes. However, on the first time listening to the published version I hear "--enerally about$30 per day". If I go back a slide and play this slide again, it sounds fine, with the whole word being audible.


            I have experienced this in several of the presentations I have created. Usually re-recording the audio for a given slide I can fix the problem, however, since I can only hear the problem after the content has been published it can take a long time to find all of the occurrences and fix them.


            It is probably worth noting that I often have trouble with PPT/Presenter with the system  becoming sluggish/non-responsive for periods of time, and PPT restarting.  Also, after some of these crashing instances I receive the message when I launch PPT asking if I'd like to disable the Presenter plug in since PPT appears to be having trouble with it.


            I hope this is enough information for you to understand what is going on.  You mention that I can share my presentation, but I do not know how to do that.  I am happy to do that if you tell me how.