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    IOS 5, usage question



      I am new to the iPhone and still trying to figure out its idiosyncracies. I have not been able to find any documentation about Reader on IOS5.

      I have several books that are PDFs that I would like to read on the phone. I use gmail and the books are larger than gmail allows for an attachment.

      I have used iTunes to copy the books to iBooks and am able to open them with this app, however, the text does not reflow to the screen size and I have to swipe the page back and forth to read it and it is very annoying.


      I have installed Reader and DropBox on the phone. I moved one of the books to the DropBox on my mac and it did appear on the phone. When I open the document, it is not opened by Reader. Is there any way to tell the phone that Reader is the application I want to open this document type?


      I have seen on the Reader website that it is meant to read email attachments and PDFs from websites. Is that the extent of its functionality on IOS 5?


      Thanks for your help.



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I think you misunderstand pdf. Generally, pdfs do not reflow. Acrobat and Reader on Windows and Mac do support a reflow. But there is no guarentee what the reflowed document will look like. Pdfs are set as they are meant to be read. It you want a document to be easy to read on an iPhone it should be designed to be read on an iPhone, same for an iPad.


          As to getting to open Reader documents in Reader, if you are reading the pdf in Safari, you can double tap on the document. It will give you a choice to open the document. You can choose to open the document in Reader. This is different than the open in iBooks button.

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            mtglazer Level 1

            Thank you.