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    Spry menu loads perfectly but a part of it appears again on the far left handside in firefox + IE


      Hi All,


      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but my website is not loading proprely with FireFox.  IE 8 also has some issues as well.  The site loads and works perfectly in Safari and Chrome.  The site address is http://www.caringpartners.ca


      Here is a brief description:


      If you open the site in Firefox 7 and zoom out, you'll see the spry menu kinda appear again on the far left handside.  In IE 8, it does the exact same thing, however it's less obvious to the end user.  I have tried to change some of the obvious things, such as position, no-repeat, etc but I still can't resolve the issue.  Can someone please take a look and advise what I could be doing wrong?


      Thank you,