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    Exporting trimmed clips


      Hi, how do I export a trimmed clip from a Premiere Elements project to another project or just to a folder on the hard drive? I have about 10 hours of raw footage (from a number of contributors) for a community video. I've captured it all on my 1.5 terrabyte external drive in one project. I would like to trim clips in that project before using them in the final edit, but I would like to create a separate project on another drive for the final edit. Hence the need to export trimmed clips. I think the huge volume of raw footage in the edit would be slow-loading and likely to freeze the computer. The raw footage is in .avi format. I have Premiere Elements 3, I'm using Windows XP-SP3, 3gb RAM 3.06gHz hyperthreading, Intel integrated graphics. Would be grateful for some advice.