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    InDesign CS4 to Epub jpeg position problem

    Todd H. Lee



      I'm working on converting a print document created in CS4 to an Epub and I've run into a bit of a snag.


      For the drop cap at the start of each chapter, there is a very unique font that was used in the printed version of the book that I'm working on keeping for the Epub version. The problem is that I've read embeddable fonts are not ideal (yet) for epubs. So, I've saved the letter as a jpeg and placed it at the beginning of the first sentence in the chapter. The problem I'm having is moving the letter down. It seems to be up above the line and nothing I've tried has moved it into the proper position.


      I've tried moving it down by adding some code in the xhtml, but I'm new to this and have not been sucessful.


      If you look at the epub of Eragon, you can see what I'm going for. The first letter of every chapter is a drop cap and a jpeg positioned perfectly as a drop cap.


      Any thoughts or advise on how I can move the jpeg of the letter down so that it looks like a true drop cap? Any help would be much appreciated.


      Also, I downloaded the sample of cs5.5 and didn't seem to have any more luck with this issue in cs5.5 than I am having with cs4. I went back to the cs4 since the problem was not able to be fixed in cs5.5.


      Thank you in advance,