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    Updating AIR application


      I hope I am asking this question in the right forum


      I am working with a dev team that's writing AIR application

      To keep it simple, let's say this AIR application has 10 swf and 2 swc (plus other assets)

      All of these files are packaged inside an AIR installer, and customer will run this full package AIR installer to install this application


      My question is: let's say they created a patch, and it is changing 2 .swf.  Is it possible to create an "incremental" AIR installer that contain ONLY the 2 changed swf, and user can run this incremental AIR installer to update an existing AIR application with the 2 newly changed swf files?




      KK Fong


      PS: We are using Flex SDK 3.6.0 right now