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    Submission Receipts

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      We just added a new feature to the service today.... Submission Receipts. As you'll see on the forum this is one of the more frequently requested features.


      You now have the ability to automatically send a form filler an email receipt after they have filled out and successfully submitted the HTML form. You pick which field in the form contains the email address to send the receipt and then customize the reply-to, subject and body of the email message. Optionally you can include the data that was submitted by the form filler. The feature can be found on the Options tab:


      Submission Reciept.PNG


      • Provides confirmation to the form filler that they entered their data correctly and that their response was successfully received by the service
      • Is proof for the form filler that they actually filled out the form and what data they entered
      • Allows the form filler to print out or archive their form submission
      • Allows you to communicate additional information to the form filler (e.g. conference location, contact phone number, salesman will be following up with you)


      Example Use Cases:

      • Sales Lead Form – Customer submits their sales lead form, receives an email receipt confirming that their info was received and that a salesperson will be contacting them in the next day.
      • Workshop Registration – Registrant fills out form, receive the email receipt, prints it out and uses it to get into the workshop.
      • Grant Application – Applicant fills out the application, receive the email receipt and is told that their application will be processed in 2-3 weeks and to reply back to the email if they have any questions.


      If you have any feedback please do not hesitate to share it with us. Without your feedback we wouldn't know what to build next



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          Thank you for this enhancement.

          I wonder how the field + value listing in the e-mail can be formatted more explicitly.


          I have a multi-page form, and several pages have the same list of fields (labels), since the branching among pages is limited. For example (bear with me here):


          Page 1: "Can you send or receive commands from your device?"

               Go to page 2 if "Sending".

               Go to page 3 if "Receiving".

          Page 2: Process for sending each command:

               Command_1 [____________]

               Command_2 [____________]


               Go to page 4.


          Page 3: Process for receiving each command:

               Command_1 [____________]

               Command_2 [____________]



          Page 4:

               Submit the form.


          When the e-mail arrives, it lists the fields and their values, but does not distinguish (in the syntax) between "Command_1" on the sending page, and "Command_1" on the receiving page.


          It would be great if fields had names that were separate from their labels.

          Then, when editing a form in FormsCentral, the tool could prevent multiple fields from having the same name, just because their labels happen to match.

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            RandySwineford Adobe Employee

            Would providing a way to have a static text object that appears in the form also appear in the reciept. For example, have an option to let the text "Process for sendig each command:" show up in the email before the commands. I think that would also address your issues.




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              RedBaron2012 Level 1

              This could help, if the static text were defined according to the route (page sequence) the user took through the form.

              Putting a static text box (hidden) for each possible option through the form, with different text for each option, would allow the email to look unique for each option.


              Paint Order Form

              Select One Option: [Red] [Green] [Blue]

              <<go to page 2 if Color==Red>>

              <<go to page 3 if color==Green or color==Blue>>

              Page 2

              {Thank you for submitting the order form for Red paint.}  ----> a hidden field set when the user jumps to the Red Paint page.

              [ ] Click Yes if you accept that Red paint is non-washable and there is no guarantee it can be washed out if you spill it on your clothes.

              Page 3

              {Thank you for submitting the order form for a non-Red paint.}  ----> a hidden field set when the user jumps to the non-Red Paint page.

              Non-red paints are washable, using ordinary soap and water.


              Is there some fundamental limitation in using form field values in the text of later text blocks in the form, or in the e-mail formatting?

              I have seen in some other tools (Footprints by Numara, for example), that %%FIELD_NAME%% is used when formatting a response.

              This could be very flexible when formatting the Confirmation Message, the Submission Receipt, the Notification E-mail, or in the form itself.


              Submission Receipt

              Thank you, %%CUSTOMER_NAME%%, for ordering %%PAINT_COLOR%% paint from our web site.

              Note that sales tax has been applied for your order to be shipped to %%STATE_NAME%%.